Eye Protection

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MSA Impression Safety Spec

ImpressionTM II safety glasses are one of Sightgard®'s finest, with such features as optically correct lens, anti-fog coating and adjustable temples.

MSA Sierra Safety Spec

" One piece lens replaceable. Universal nose bridge. Length Adjustable temples Optical class 1 lens that absorbs 99.9% harmful UV light and resists high impact"

DH Direct Mesh Vented Safety Goggles

Goggle with Polycarbonate Lens, PVC Frame, Direct-Mesh vent in Goggle Housing Provides Ventilation for the Wearer.

DH Drovision Euro Spec Clear

Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch Lens, Durable & Adjustable Plastic Temple offers great comfort, Clear View with Side Protection

DH Drovision Sport Spec Clear

Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch Lens, High-Quality Plastic Temple with Side Protection, Snug Fit.

DH Drovision Sport Spec Grey

Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch Lens, High-Quality Plastic Temple with Side protection, Snug Fit with Optical Radiation Scale from 5.00 to 2.50.

Uvex Astrospec Clear

Length Adjustment, Outstanding Field of Protection, Easy Lens Replacement, Duo-Flex Templates, Nylon frame, Available in Amber & Grey & Rosal

Uvex Pheos CX2 Clear Safety Spec

The Pheos CX2 is the safety specs to use if you want comfort and highly technical protection

Uvex Pheos Grey

pheosblack/lime frame + lens PC clear supravision HC-AF