FTS Safety Training Academy & Consultancy

Friday, October 26, 2012

FTS Safety Training Academy & Consultancy


We are proud to announce the establishment of the FTS Safety Training Academy & Consultancy and set out below the range of services currently available.

FTS Safety Training Academy, driven by a SAMTRAC-trained safety professional, offers a range of services in support of our quest to provide to clients a one-stop shop for their safety questions and concerns, including:

  • PPEW Surveys Levels 1 & 2 assist in ensuring that our clients use the right products in the right place at the right time.
  • Safety Training to educate our client, and our client’s workforce, thereby creating a safer and more productive workplace.
  • Incident Investigation Reporting to reduce the cost and time spent on conducting investigations internally thereby ensuring that they are completed efficiently and effectively. All findings will be reported to the appropriate people /divisions. 

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Act 85 of 1993 as amended all defined organisations are required to conduct a risk assessment to identify and eliminate risk from the workplace such that, where the risk, or hazard, cannot be eliminated entirely then appropriate PPE, workwear and protective clothing (together known as safety products) are to be provided to minimize the danger or the risk of injury.



The purpose of the FTS PPEW SURVEY LEVEL 1 is to reinforce the organisation’s own risk assessment efforts and to assist the organisation to:

  • determine that the protection provided by the PPE currently being used is suitable for that specific application/job/area,
  • provide further identification, over and above the organisation’s own efforts, of the range of hazards faced by the organisation, or a section of it, so that the organisation’s current hazard assessment can be verified or modified,
  • verify the company current choice of safety products required to combat, reduce or eliminate hazards and thereby to enhance safety and improve worker productivity, in close consultation with the organisation’s safety professionals.

We believe that a safe worker is a productive worker !


The primary objective of the FTS PPE SURVEY LEVEL 1 is to complement the organisation’s current hazard and risk assessment, whether this has been done formally or not, by assessing the worker in the workplace and, for each area of hazard or risk, dealing with the following:

  • Have the required safety products been provided by the organisation ?
  • Is the worker wearing the required safety products ?
    • If so:
      • Is the worker wearing and using the required safety products properly according to the recommendations of the supplier ?
      • Is the worker wearing the required safety products properly according to the requirements of the job ?
    • If not:
      • Why is the worker not wearing and using the required safety products ?
      • Does supervision require all workers to wear and use the required safety products ?
      • Does the worker understand the importance of wearing and using the required safety products as well as the risks and dangers associated with not doing so ?
      • Does supervision understand the benefit of workers wearing and using the required safety products as well as the risks and dangers associated with not doing so ?

From this information, we will be able to verify, or recommend modifications to, the organisation’s choice of safety products that we believe need to be provided in the various departments in your organisation. 

We will also report on other areas that may need attention, such as education and training, on how to correctly wear and maintain your safety products. It goes without saying that the decision to accept or reject these recommendations lies entirely with the organisation.


Finally, it must be noted that the FTS PPE SURVEY LEVEL 1 is meant as a tool to assist management to measure the success of the PPE provided in the workplace against their PPE implementation policy.  To assist in this we will be scoring, out of 100, the organisation’s level of compliance with its implementation policy so as to enable management to monitor ongoing progress. 


The price of the FTS PPEW SURVEY LEVEL 1 is available on request and includes:

  • Review of organisation’s current PPE implementation policy as supplied to FTS.
  • On-site inspection to a maximum of 3 hours to be conducted with a nominated SHE representative from the organisation.
  • Comprehensive on-site review of the wearing and use of the required safety products.
  • Detailed report on the findings of the survey.
  • Rating, out of 100, the level of success of the client’s current PPE implementation policy.
  • Recommendations for suggested improvements, and changes to improve, the success rating of the client’s PPE implementation policy.
  • PPE Item File specific to the organisation.
  • Follow-up inspection to determine the level of success achieved via implementation of the first set of recommendations and improvements approved by management.

Any additional consulting required will be billed at R500 per hour and travelling costs will be billed at R3.75 per kilometre as per the AA (www.aa.co.za). All pricing excludes VAT. 


To ensure the complete success of the FTS PPEW SURVEY LEVEL 1 or LEVEL 2 we will require the following from the client:

  • A copy of the organisation’s PPE implementation policy to be provided 1 week before the inspection so we can familiarise ourselves with conditions on-site.
  • A Safety Officer and/or someone with detailed knowledge of the organisation’s current PPE and work wear implementation policy to accompany the consultant.  It is suggested that they highlight problem areas for a more detailed inspection.

This person will be required to provide the consultant with information on the safety products currently in use and should be able to provide explanations of the policy governing the use of the safety products at the time of the survey/inspection.

This person must also be able to identify areas or departments where the usage and/or wearing of safety products is not reducing risk as expected or where there are still areas of danger that require organisational attention.


FTS Safety Training Academy & Consultants accept no responsibility or liability for the recommendations offered or findings made.

As per the current Occupational Health & Safety Act 85 of 1993 as amended it remains the responsibility of the organisation to effectively procure and use such safety products as may be required for the work environment in which they operate.

Equally, we are ready to play our part in providing specialist knowledge and expertise which will make it easier for the organisation to meet this commitment.



We are well aware of the expense associated with providing the required range of safety products. At the same time, few companies understand the hidden costs of not providing the required safety products.

Accordingly, the primary objective of the FTS PPEW SURVEY LEVEL 2 is to move beyond PPE compliance and identify cost-effective solutions, such as ensuring the right product is used in the right place at the right time and at the right price, to the issues associated with providing the required range of safety products. We believe this is an important part of our mission as safety product suppliers.

The FTS PPEW SURVEY LEVEL 2 offers two main advantages, and several other advantages, over and above the FTS PPEW SURVEY LEVEL 1 survey as follows:

  • A more detailed inspection, to complement the organisation’s continuing efforts, to ensure that all aspects of its PPE implementation policy are being complied with including procurement, pricing, receiving into stores, issuing to wearer and overall use and maintenance of PPE.  
  • A follow-up from the LEVEL 1 survey to ensure that cost benefits accrue from the efforts already put in place. This could include fewer workplace incidents, reduced fatigue and better ergonomics, leading to improvements in productivity.
  • Specialized Company Item file detailing approved PPE items, recommended pricing as well as issuing, wearer and maintenance instructions including washing, storing and replacing.
  • Detailed information on organisation’s PPE demand and current pricing so as to ensure that the right product is being used in the right place at the right price.
  • User-friendly Data Pack for each PPE item.
  • Help-me Guide for storemen, buyers and others involved in safety product procurement or compliance.

All this represents a real opportunity to add value through the more effective management of safety products.


Pricing for the FTS PPEW SURVEY LEVEL 2, as well as our other services set out below, is available on request as each service is tailored specifically to the needs and circumstances of individual clients.


PPE & Safety Training offers a range of PPE and safety training to ensure products and processes are correctly used to achieve maximum impact and compliance including:

  • The How’s & Whys of PPE.
  • Basic Workplace Safety
  • SHE(Q) Representative Course
  • First Aid Levels 1 – 3.
  • Basic & Advanced Fire Awareness and Evacuation course.

Incident Investigation & Reporting to assist organizations in achieving maximum safety compliance cost-effectively and with minimum disruption including:

  • Full investigation of safety incidents in the workplace.
  • Generation of all compliance documentation as determined by each incident.
  • Generation of full report to Management.


We believe that the appropriate procurement and usage of the range of safety products best suited to an individual client will not only ensure the safety and well-being of the worker but also provide a platform on which more effective performance development and management can be built.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you.