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Lemaitre Apollo Sport Safety Shoe SABS

The Lemiatre Apollo Sport safety shoe is a South-Africa's most popular safety shoe. Comfortable, Durable and good value for Money.

Lemaitre Eros Safety Shoe

Steel toe cap, Black Castrol or Brown Crazy Horse Leather 1.8 - 2.0 mm thick Black or Rosewood Arca, Antistatic Insole, Double-Density Injected Polyurethane, Acid & Oil & Fuel & Water-Resistant

Lemaitre Maxeco Boot Black

Black Colour, Bartan Leather, Steel Toe-Cap, Non-Woven Lining, Double-Density Polyurethane Sole, Acid & Oil & Fuel & Water-Resistant

Lemaitre Maxeco Wasp Rubber

Black & Tan in Colour, Printed Buffalo Leather, Steel Toe-Cap, Double-Density Polyurethane Sole, Non-Woven Lining, Acid & Oil & Fuel & Water-Resistant, Heat-Resistant to 300 Degrees Celsius
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Lemaitre Nomad Safety Boot Black

The Lemaitre Nomad is 100% made in South Africa and is comfortable, durable and looks smart. The Parabolic Concave sole reduces foot fatigue.

Lemaitre Quest Safety Shoe Black

The Lemaitre Quest is 100% made in South Africa. It is comfortable, durable and looks smart. The Parabolic sole reduces foot fatigue.