PPE Vending Machines

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

24/7 access, with no reliance on stores manning

Safety Stations can be located anywhere in your workplace that is convenient to your staff.

Proximity card reader system that records usage by individual & can restrict access to certain products.

Real-time monitoring via wireless internet connection to monitor usage and re-order levels.

The system can be extended to manage other consumable items & also equipment used by staff.

The Benefits : Safety Enhancement

Ease of access 24/7 to critical PPE & other safety products.

Provides a record of usage for any follow-up investigations.

Improved compliance levels.

Reduced risk of serious injury from accidents.

The Benefits : Cost Savings

Improved accountability by individual (experience shows a 30 to 60% reduction in usage!)

Improved workplace efficiency:

  • No travel time to stores
  • No waiting at stores counter
  • No need for supervisor approval
  • Reduced employee & equipment downtime

Ability to record and back-charge on-site contractors & visitors for usage of your PPE & stock items.

Reduced inventory & elimination of stock-outs.

Less waste - improved environmental responsibility.

The Information Collection system

Option 1: real-time data collection and monitoring via wireless internet connection:

  • Information through a secure Internet connection qGenerate usage reports at any time
  • Control staff access rules on-line
  • Download data in .csv format for other use e.g. Excel

Option 2: manual data retrieval and download to laptop or desktop computer

  • Download data in .csv format for reporting using excel.
  • Management of system via desktop (can be outsourced)

Re-stocking the Safety Stations

Fts Safety will stock each machine as required.

Current stock levels available for each station via internet for wireless system.

Usage patterns will determine types of products best suited to your location.

Trays tilt forward and down allowing ease of access for re­stocking.

Critical to take care with loading to ensure fault-free dispensing. CI May require review of packaging from Fts Safety.

You control the option to contract out all products to FTS Safety as we will be your preferred Supplier.