PPE Item File

Are you a business that can say you have a smooth-running buying department with no incorrect ordering of stock or a system in place that ensures the correct PPE is being ordered for the correct task? If you can’t confidently answer YES to these questions, then let FTS Safety assist you.

General Safety Regulations section 2 states that “where it is not practicable to safe guard the condition or equipment then PPE will be issued as a final control measure”. PPE is effectively an employer’s last line of defence against injuries to employees so make sure you have the correct PPE that you can rely on.

FTS Safety is not only a retail store but we are THE EXPERTS when it comes to PPE and safety equipment. With our vast knowledge on safety products and the tasks that accompany them we are able to determine the best PPE for the job thereby eliminating delays and reducing the cost and time that goes into researching the correct product for the correct job.


Head Safety Consultant Dale Hartog
Email: consulting@ftssafety.co.za