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Working with the FTS Safety Group will provide you with a total safety solution that adds value to your business. Safety is at the core of everything we do and the various divisions within the group compliment each other.

Our consulting division can provide task based risks assessments and PPE recommendations and our product reps can draw on our multi-brand distributorships to offer you multiple options based on your needs. If your safety compliance assessment shows you need training or medicals we can arrange that through our academy or through our network of trainers.  Our new Uvex cycle safety range is available at www.facefirst.co.za


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Lemaitre Apollo Sport Safety Shoe SABS

The Lemiatre Apollo Sport safety shoe is a South-Africa's most popular safety shoe. Comfortable, Durable and good value for Money.

Nomex Navy Blue Fire Suits

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Stokoderm® Sun Protect 30 PURE

Perfume-free, water resistant 5 Star rated SPF30 sunscreen for professional use to protect the skin against UV-A and UV-B exposure.

Stokoderm® Sun Protect 50+

Stokoderm® Sun Protect 50+ is a water resistant and easy to apply sun protection spray that is immediately absorbed by the skin. With its sun protection factor greater than 50 (SPF 50+) it offers maximum protection against the whole spectrum of terrestrial radiation.
New Courses - Working at Heights -Sunday, June 10, 2018
FTS Safety is please to now offer Working at Heights training and certification in Johannesburg.
Changes to First Aid Training -Wednesday, April 4, 2018
FTS Safety advises all clients to update their First Aid certificates before August 2018
Are you safe or are you sorry? -Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Very often legally required training is regarded as a grudge purchase. The focus is on the minimum requirement and not on the maximum potential benefit. What is the maximum potential benefit?