Enroll your candidates

The FTS Safety platform is a hybrid model of e learning, one-on-one contact assessments with the expert facilitator and where practical assessments where required

NB: Your candidates will need to have a good internet connection and sound in order to participate. In order to be certified competent they will need to complete the e Learning module and take part in a conference call with the facilitator and/or take part in an in personal practical assessment (scaffolding/working at heights/first aid)

Once you have enrolled your candidates they will receive an email to create their account. Tomorrow they will receive their learner guide and the link start the course. Once they have started the course, the course co-ordinator will be in contact with them to arrange the facilitator video call and/or the practicals.

If at any point you have questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact the training team

Online Student Enrollment


As you click SEND the information will be submitted and you will have an opportunity to add another candidate. The page does not need to reload. If there are errors they will appear next to the send button in red.
Once you have added all your candidates you can navigate away from the page

POPIA Notice

ID Numbers and ID copies are personal information. The ID details you upload are required for SETA accreditation. This disclosed information is visible only to the training coordinator and are used only for compliance record keeping purposes.