Fire Extinguishers

Select from a wide range of fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

4.5kg Fire Extinguisher DCP
395.00 395.00 395.0 ZAR
The DCP 4.5kg Fire Extinguisher is fitted with a high pressure discharge hose and discharge nozzle which locates onto a L-shape nozzle holder fixed to the foot ring of the extinguisher.
1kg Fire Extinguisher DCP
209.00 209.00 209.0 ZAR
The DCP STP Fire Extinguisher is suitable for Class A, B or C fires, or a combination of these type of fires. Dry Chemical Portable fire extinguishers are the most widely used of all types of fire extinguishers.
1.5kg Fire Extinguisher DCP
245.00 245.00 245.0 ZAR
The DCP 1.5kg Fire Extinguisher is the ideal extinguisher for the motor racing industry, suitable for Class A, B or C fires
Emergency Fire Evacuation Horn Kit
350.00 350.00 350.0 ZAR
Emergency Fire Evacuation Horn Kit Including:
1 x Handheld Air Horn
1 x 290 x 290 FB1 SABS Sign (Red Arrow)
1 x 290 x 290 FB13 SABS Sign (Handheld emergency alarm)
9kg Fire Extinguisher DCP
530.00 530.00 530.0 ZAR
2.5kg Fire Extinguisher DCP
279.90 279.90 279.90000000000003 ZAR