Safety Shoes

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2 for 1: Lemaitre Quest Safety Black Shoe Size 6
1,266.47 633.24 633.24 ZAR
The Lemaitre Quest safety shoe offers superior comfort for wearers who spend long hours on their feet.
Lemaitre Spartacus Black Safety Shoe (8&9)
550.00 220.00 220.0 ZAR
The partner shoe to the Lemaitre Maximus boot, Spartacus safety shoe incorporates technological advancements in the all-round safety category to bring the wearer more in all-round safety. The upgrade the the best selling Maxeco range
Lemaitre Quest Safety Black Shoe
633.24 633.24 633.24 ZAR
The Lemaitre Quest safety shoe offers superior comfort for wearers who spend long hours on their feet.
Lemaitre Eros Mens Black Slip On Shoe
703.44 703.44 703.44 ZAR
This slip-on-slip-off shoe has found popularity amongst those looking for a no-hassle safety shoe. The simple stylings and choice of colour, has made this shoe a favourite amongst management personnel allowing them to move seamlessly between the office and factory environments.
Rebel DynaPro Composite Safety Shoe
1,220.00 1,220.00 1220.0 ZAR
The DynaPro is a super-stylish and comfortable safety shoe with a Flex-Mesh upper, 200J composite toe cap and is heat resistant up to 120° Celsius.
JCB Jogger Shoe Black
800.00 800.00 800.0 ZAR
Cut resistant fly knit mesh upper

Ultralight EVA/Rubber outsole for maximum responsive cushioning & superior comfort

Steel toe cap
Rebel Mens Light Industrial Sneaker Safety Shoe
991.00 991.00 991.0 ZAR
It is a lightweight, stylish safety shoe with a 200J steel toe cap and electrostatic discharge properties (ESD).
Rebel Ladies Light Industrial Safety Shoe Sneaker
959.00 959.00 959.0 ZAR
The Ladies light Industrial shoe features a modern, sleek and sporty designed upper. It's light and very stylish.
Bova Neogrip Black Safety Shoe
579.03 579.03 579.03 ZAR
The Bova Neogrip is a budget friendly safety shoe which will protect you in an array of harsh conditions. 
BOA Diva Ladies Slip on Safety Shoe
447.01 447.01 447.01 ZAR
Quality leather slip on ladies safety shoe. Ideal for the hospitality and medical industries
BOA Ruby Ladies Lace up Safety Shoe
447.01 447.01 447.01 ZAR
This ladies office shoe features a single density PU sole leather uppers.
Bova Trainer Aktiv Black Safety Shoe
736.00 736.00 736.0 ZAR
Versatile lace-up mens safety trainers in a comfy sport style with extra-wide fitting steel toe cap
Bova Radical Black Safety Shoe
494.10 494.10 494.1 ZAR
A durable working safety shoe with double density PU/PU sole and padded bellows tongue for extra comfort.
Bova Hamburg Suede Shoe
683.25 683.25 683.25 ZAR
Rebel Kontrakta Shoe - Black
330.00 330.00 330.0 ZAR
Rebel Kito Ladies Slip on Black
569.00 569.00 569.0 ZAR
The Kito is an ultra-comfortable and elegant ladies slip-on safety shoe that features a 200J steel toe cap and slip resistant sole. The Kito is ISO 20345 and SABS approved.
Rebel Iman Safety Shoe - Black
659.00 659.00 659.0 ZAR
Rebel Hiker Lo
994.09 994.09 994.09 ZAR