Durban SHE Rep Course

Registration for Durban SHE Rep Course 15 July 2024
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SHE Representative Course

Durban 15 July 2024

Unit Standard 9964 the SHE Rep Course is a great start to understand safety in the workplace

The Purpose Of This Unit Standard Is To Enable Learners To Apply Basic Health And Safety Legislation In The Form Of Standards And Procedures Governing Health And Safety In The Workplace, To Ensure That They Contribute To A Safe, Healthy Environment For Themselves And Others. 

Safety training is not just for companies who want their staff to be compliant. In many cases private learners what to become qualified as a SHE Rep with a certificate to enhance their CV. Often times contractors need the certification for themselves.

FTS Safety's public classes are an easy opportunity to get a working at SHE Rep certificate in a single day.

Our Durban venue in Umgeni Park has plenty of safe parking behind a gate and with a security guard on duty. Lunch is included in the course price.

Public classes are more interactive. 

You have candidates from various companies and industries all joining together so the questions are interesting and you get additional insight into the risks in different industries.

Our HSE Rep training provides immediate benefits

Health & Safety Representative Training is an invaluable opportunity to cultivate a safer, more inclusive, and productive work environment. By embodying the role of a health & safety advocate, you'll contribute to the growth and success of your organization


Health & Safety Representative Training equips you with the knowledge and authority to champion the well-being of your colleagues. By becoming an advocate for safe practices, you serve as a critical link between management and employees, amplifying the collective voice for a safer workplace.


As a Health & Safety Representative, you act as a sentinel, ensuring that productivity and safety go hand-in-hand. By encouraging a balanced approach, you cultivate a harmonious and efficient work environment that thrives on mutual respect.


Trust is the foundation of any successful organization. Health & Safety Representative Training empowers you to become a credible and reliable source of information, reinforcing the bond of trust between employees and management.


Health & Safety Representative Training fosters unity and collaboration across all levels of an organization. By engaging in open dialogue and shared decision-making, you help bridge gaps and create a cohesive, inclusive atmosphere that thrives on teamwork and mutual understanding.

What should you bring?

  1. A copy of your ID document

Your certificate will be emailed within 7 days. If you require proof that you have attended immediately please let the course facilitator know on the morning of training.

Date & Time
Monday July 15, 2024
8:30 AM 3:30 PM (Africa/Harare)

Hellenic Hall Umgeni Park

6 Highgrove
Umgeni Park
Durban North
South Africa
--Hellenic Hall Umgeni Park--
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