Germiston Incident Investigator Course

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Incident Investigation Course

Germiston 27 March 2024

Unit Standard 120335 

Safety training is not just for companies who want their staff to be compliant. In many cases private learners what to become qualified in incident investigation with a certificate to enhance their CV. Often times contractors need the certification for themselves.

FTS Safety's public classes are an easy opportunity to get an incident investigation certificate in a single day.

Our venue has plenty of safe parking.

Public classes are more interactive. 

You have candidates from various companies and industries all joining together so the questions are interesting and you get additional insight into the risks in different industries.

Our Incident Investigator Training provides immediate benefits

Incident Investigation Training is a transformative journey that empowers you to become a force for positive change. Contribute to the creation of safer environments and the continuous improvement of organizations and communities.


Incident Investigation Training is akin to peeling back the layers of an onion, revealing the intricate interconnections that lie beneath the surface. In doing so, you become a master detective, equipped to decode complex situations and safeguard against future incidents.


Unearthing the root causes of incidents empowers you to prevent their recurrence. By understanding the underlying factors, you gain the knowledge to build stronger systems and processes, which ultimately create a safer and more secure environment for all.


Incident investigations provide invaluable insights that drive organizational growth. By embracing a culture of continuous learning and improvement, you unlock the potential for unprecedented progress and innovation.


With the ability to investigate incidents comes the responsibility to use that knowledge ethically and effectively. Incident Investigation Training represents a commitment to uphold the highest standards of safety and integrity, ensuring that your organization remains a bastion of trust.

What should you bring?

  1. A copy of your ID document

Your certificate will be emailed within 7 days. If you require proof that you have attended immediately please let the course facilitator know on the morning of training.

Date & Time
Wednesday March 27, 2024
8:00 AM 3:30 PM (Africa/Johannesburg)

Hellenic Community of Germiston (FTS JHB Germiston)

Corner of Lobelia and Wychwood Road
Johannesburg GT 1401
South Africa
+27 10 005 0491
+27 71 884 4390
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