FTS Construction Footwear

Construction industry is set to explode with the planed infrastructure development intended to assist our economy to claw its way out of the devastating effects of covid19 and the lockdown.   FTS Safety provides professional human to human service and competitive pricing on quality construction safety footwear. We use our vast knowledge and experience to select a full range of safety shoes, safety boots, gumboots, security shoes, security boots and service footwear.  We have carefully selected our range from South Africa's leading safety footwear manufactures, our brands Lemaitre, Neptune, BOVA, BOA, Catapillar, DOT, EuroSafety, DOT and more. 

Construction footwear can be tricky as work conditions and budgets differ.  FTS Safety has has supplied quality safety footwear to construction companies in Durban for over 30 years, in the last 10 years our footwear protects constriction workers all over South Africa.   

  • Safety footwear and gumboots for bricklayers

  • Safety footwear, gumboots and service footwear contraction companies large and startups  

  • Safety footwear and gumboots for plumbers  

  • Safety footwear for electricians  

  • Safety footwear and gumboots for safety professionals and environmental annalists 

  • Safety footwear, gumboots and service footwear development companies 

  • Safety footwear and gumboots for DIY and home builders 

We suggest providing gumboots when working with water; early morning dew, rain or agricultural sprinklers.  This will  ensure that the wearers feet stay dry preventing skin damage, calyces, athletes foot and other discomforts. All our footwear has the necessary SABS approvals and homologations.  Our suppliers offer fair wear guarantees on all agricultural shoes shoes and boots. 


Our range offers a selection of shoes, boots and gumboots across different budgets styles and fits.  We know that if affordable everyone would buy the most stylish and comfortable agricultural footwear for there people. However budget will determine getting a better value tried and tested classic style, which requires less maintenance for seasonal staff and or harsher working conditions.  Our prices do not comromise on quality but as you move up the pricing ladder you will find a variety of features and benefits that influence the price. 

  • Double density polyurethane soles vs single density soles 

  • Full grain leather vs split leather 

  • padded collars and tongues

  • Direct injection molding or stitched on soles vs stuck on soles. We no longer offer any stuck on soles in our for agricultural  footwear range as they have proven not to be suitable.