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Face Shield - Brow-Guard version with Visor & Anti-Fog
140.00 140.00 140.0 ZAR
Quality faceshield made from an optically clear polycarbonate. Adjustable head cradle and browguard
Face Shield Clear
0.00 0.0 ZAR
A budget faceshield option made in Durban
Aluminium Brace Only
72.63 72.63 72.63 ZAR
Aluminium Brace for attachement of visors to hard hats
Msa Anti- Flash Green Polycarb Spec
172.50 172.50 172.5 ZAR
MSA molded polycarbonate visors offer superior protection from flying debris, splash, UV radiation and molten metal. Being molded makes them optically correct, and helps ensure clear vision and reduced eye fatigue. The anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings increase comfort and improve wear.
MSA Frame universal v-guard faceshield
103.50 103.50 103.5 ZAR
Designed to easily attach accessories to MSA's industry leading hard hats without any disassembly.
Msa Frame Universal W/O Debris Control
663.06 663.06 663.0600000000001 ZAR
Dromex Arc Face Shield
2,780.70 2,780.70 2780.7000000000003 ZAR