Cut Resistant Gloves

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Dromex PU5 Cut 4 Seamless Liner with PU Coating
48.40 48.40 48.4 ZAR
PU (Polyurethane) coated palm and fingers HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), glass fibre and nylon
Dromex Taeki Food Glove Cut 5 Heat
117.00 117.00 117.0 ZAR
FDA approved and Sanitized treatment. Lint free ad washable. highly resistant to cut and contact heat
Dromex Taeki5 Super Latex Cut Res Glove
117.00 117.00 117.0 ZAR
High Abrasion Resistance. High Contact Protection. High Cut Resistance. Grip Power. Colour UV Resistance. Lint Free & Washable. EN388:4543
Dromex Taeki 5 Military Camo Glove
90.00 90.00 90.0 ZAR
High Abrasion Resistance. High Contact Heat Protection. High Cut Resistance. Colour UV Resistance. Lint Free & Washable
Honeywell Green Welding Plus Glove
264.99 264.99 264.99 ZAR
heat protection gloves for MIG and ARC welding and heavy handling.
Tuff Stuv Gree-C-Grip Cut 5 Glove
107.00 107.00 107.0 ZAR
TAEKI5 Cut5 Leather Glove
233.20 233.20 233.20000000000002 ZAR