PVC & Rubber gloves

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Dromex Green Textured Pvc, Opencuff, 27Cm Wrist
41.11 41.11 41.11 ZAR
Heavy duty green PVC coating on a cotton interlock liner. Provides excellent resistance to most acids, oils fats caustics and petroleum. EN388:4121
Yellow Rubber Household Gloves
10.01 10.01 10.01 ZAR
Latex glove for general light wet conditions.
Dromex Category III Chemical Glove
62.80 62.80 62.800000000000004 ZAR
Category 3 Chemical Glove to reduce micro organism risk
Dromex Dh Pvc Red Shoulder Length Glove
62.55 62.55 62.550000000000004 ZAR
Fully dipped on cotton liner - Provides excellent resistance to most acids, oils fats caustics and petroleum. Shoulder length
Rough Palm 55cm Indust Rubber Glove
57.99 57.99 57.99 ZAR
Quality Rubber Glove with rough palm and a 55cm (upper arm) length wrist
Rough Palm 40cm Indust Rubber Glove Blk/Orange
45.00 45.00 45.0 ZAR
Quality Rubber Glove with rough palm and a 40cm (elbow) length wrist
Smooth Palm 40cm Indust Rubber Glove Black/Orange
36.00 36.00 36.0 ZAR
Quality Rubber Glove with smooth palm and a 40cm (elbow) length
Uvex Compact Nitrile Blue 6cm Gloves with Cuff
89.00 89.00 89.0 ZAR
uvex compact – the glove "for rough work". Choose the uvex compact safety glove for rough work and handling coarse materials. EN388:4221
Pvc Glove 27 Cm Open Cuff (Wrist)
17.00 17.00 17.0 ZAR
Standard Weight PVC Glove with a fabric reinforced PVC dip-coat. These are suitable for general handling applications and come chemical applications
Dromex Lime Green CRONUS HI-VIS PVC gloves
42.99 42.99 42.99 ZAR
Provides hands with protection against hazards of most acids, oils fats, caustics and petroleum hydrocarbons
Dromex Green PVC 40cm Glove
52.00 52.00 52.0 ZAR
Dromex green, double dipped, heavy duty, PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), gloves coated on a jersey cotton interlock lining allow for grip especially in wet and oily handling conditions and optimizes cut and abrasion resistance on the hand
Dromex PVC Freezer Open Cuff Glove
63.00 63.00 63.0 ZAR
Specialty freezer gloves for cold storage and handling of frozen goods. EN388:4122, EN511
Dromex Black Chip Palm Pvc Glove
22.20 22.20 22.2 ZAR
A beast of a glove for use in environments where grip is essential
Crayfish Glove
13.50 13.50 13.5 ZAR
The Crayfish Glove is a durable, excellent gripping glove with a cotton crochet liner and dipped natural rubber finish. The cuff of the Crayfish Glove is an elasticated knit wrist safety cuff. EN388: 2142.
Evriguard Centurion Elbow Glove - Size 9
55.49 55.49 55.49 ZAR
Fully coated PVC  elbow length glove with extra heavy weight terry toweling palm for increased grip. Extra heavy weight mechanical operation.
Dromex Brown Rough PVC Glove
46.60 46.60 46.6 ZAR