Face Masks

Select from a wide range of Face Masks. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

Drager X-Plore 1720 FFP2 Valve D Dust Mask (Box 15)
275.00 275.00 275.0 ZAR
Breathing resistance and high filter performance in one mask. And the valve efficiently releases humid and warm exhaled air to the outside.
Drager X-plore 1520 FFP2 (Box 20)
170.00 130.00 130.0 ZAR
Leading Brand of FFP2 Protection against solid and liquid non-volatile particles. 
Hazmat Half Mask with Twin Pack P2 Cartidges (94% Efficiency)
241.99 241.99 241.99 ZAR
A combo kit of half mask and a twin pack of P2 cartridges.Designed to protect against nuisance fine particles, gases and vapours. Easy fit elastic type head harness and quick release buckle on neck strap.
Meixin Disposable FFP2 Dust Mask (Box of 20)
193.00 193.00 193.0 ZAR
The Airmaxx FFP2 disposable dust mask has an aluminium strip glue bonded nose clip and a 3 layer non-woven polyester respirator.
Msa Auer S3 Basic Plus Full Face Mask
2,328.75 2,328.75 2328.75 ZAR
With more than five million units sold, the upgraded 3S Full-Facepiece Respirator offers safety, comfort and durability. The face blank is made of a softer rubber compound (and also yellow silicone in another option) and has a wide sealing frame and deeper chin stop for a snug, comfortable fit. The lens is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate (and silicate-coated glass and Triplex glass in other options) and offers a wide field of vision for excellent viewing.
MSA Automaxx-As Demand Valve
4,083.65 4,083.65 4083.65 ZAR
Msa Mini Scape
830.00 830.00 830.0 ZAR