Footwear Accessories

Select from a wide range of Accessories for safety shoes and boots. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

Rebel Grey Socks
65.00 65.00 65.0 ZAR
Cotton-rich socks for extra comfort and cooling ability, with elasticity for a snug shape. Extra-thick Terry towel weave along the heel, sole and over the toes for provide additional padding. Socks fit sizes 8-12.
Bova Smelter Socks
127.01 127.01 127.01 ZAR

BOVA SMELTERS SOX - Flame retardant yarn

Non Woven Blue Shoe Cover - Pack of 100
178.00 178.00 178.0 ZAR
Non woven disposable shoe covers. Helps to prevent cross contamination in high risk work areas,
Bova Mens Socks
103.50 103.50 103.5 ZAR
Anti-microbial silver-based technology kills destroy 95% of bacteria within 2 hours elimiating odours and allergies
Sisi Socks
52.45 52.45 52.45 ZAR
The socks are treated with a Ruco Bach AGP anti-microbial silver based technology which utilises nano particles of silver chloride. This same compound is applied to the latest wound dressings.
BOVA Poron Eva Cushioned Top Sock - Yellow
101.00 101.00 101.0 ZAR
The top sock responds to temperature and weight and moulds to the shape of each wearer’s foot, thereby providing optimum support where it is needed most. It provides dynamic impact compression, which gently rebounds with every step.