5 Layer Easy Breathe Re-Usable Face Mask


A multi-layer construction to ensure maximum protection. Certified with 40% filtration.
These re-usable masks are more environmentally friendly than single use masks.

These masks come in two sizes.
Small is advisable for kids and Medium for adults.

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Product Features

A multi-layer construction to ensure maximum protection. 


  • The mask provides 40% filtration and allows for proper breathing. 
  • The polyester non-woven middle layer disrupts the flow of any particulates through the mask, creating a filter effect. 
  • This mask is not to the standard N95 or FFP2 and should NOT be used as a replacement for conventional and approved Personal Protective Equipment. Unlike most homemade masks the 295FM has been tested to SANS 50149:2003
  • The mask has been designed to follow the contours of the. face to ensure it seals against the face and keeps the inside of the mask away from the mouth.
  • Leightweight to allow comfortable, extended use.


Please follow the Care Instructions below before first use.

Care Instructions :

  • Soak the mask for 15 to 20 minutes, at minimum daily:

  • In a solution of water and bleach (1.5:100 concentration*) or

  • Surgical spirits or

  • Liquid hand sanitiser with a minimum alcohol content of 70%.

  • Wash with soap and rinse thoroughly after soaking, and dry. 

  • The mask must be completely dry before using.

  • There must be minimal odour from the soaking solution before re-use.

  • The colour will fade after every wash.

  • Please test for sensitivity to any of the soaking solutions.

  • The mask must be disposed of after 7 (seven) washes.

  • If your mask is damaged, or if breathing becomes difficult, you should replace it

  • with a new one immediately.

  • Can be machine washed at 30°C.


This mask is not to the standard N95 or FFP2. It will provide limited protection and exceeds the protection level of commonly used “3 layer” fabric masks and far exceeds the protection offered by scarves, bandanas and handkerchiefs. The mask should NOT be used as a replacement for conventional and approved Personal Protective Equipment.

Be careful when using bleach. The fumes emitted are toxic.

Mask must be worn as shown to be effective.