Drager X-plore 1520 FFP2 (Box 20)


Leading Brand of FFP2 Protection against solid and liquid non-volatile particles. 

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    General Data

    Manufacturer: Dräger Safety Zenith, in King Williams Town, South Africa, a
    Dräger Safety company, for Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA, Revalstraße 1,
    D – 23560 Lübeck, Germany

    Designation: X-plore 1520 FFP2

    Dräger part no. 3956034

    Intended use: Protection against solid and liquid non-volatile particles. Scope
    of protection as indicated by product documentation, technical standards and
    installed application rules.

    Relevant standards: EN 149: 2001 (Filtering Face Pieces)

    Approval: AZ2010/59 homologation approval, tests carried out and granted by
    accredited and notified institute SABS – South African Bureau of Standards.

    Design & Construction
    1. Connection to face piece: Not applicable
    2. Materials: Particle filter: Mechanical and electrically charged nonwoven
    Head strap: textile rubber band
    Nose clip: tinplate
    Layer 1: spunbond (outside)
    Layer 2: prefilter
    Layer 3: meltblown
    Layer 4: spunbond (inside)

    Construction: The particle filtering half mask X-plore 1520 FFP2 consists of
    several layers of nonwoven materials, partly with electrical charge.

    Working principle: Particle filtration by combined electrically charged and
    mechanical filter media.
    Shelf life: 4 years
    Dimensions 155 mm x 115 mm
    Weight: 10,0 g (excl. package)

    Technical Data Sheet
    Dräger Filtering Face Piece
    X-plore 1520 FFP2

    Performance Data (minimum data in accordance with standard, incl. loading
    test with 120 mg paraffin oil)
    Particle filtration efficiency test aerosols:
    Minimum efficiency (EN 149): Sodium chloride: 94 %
    Paraffin oil: 94 %
    Gas filtration capacity: Not applicable
    Laboratory test results
    Breathing resistance: at 30 litres/min, constant flow max. 0, 7 mbar (EN 149)
    Inhalation: at 95 litres/min, constant flow max. 2, 4 mbar (EN 149)
    Breathing resistance:
    Exhalation: at 160 litres/min, constant flow max. 3, 0 mbar (EN 149)
    Dolomite clogging test: Passed.

    Markings & Label: markings in accordance with EN 149: 2001, expiry date,
    producer and approval number. Approval marking: AZ2010/59.
    Instructions for use each mask is accompanied by fitting instructions.
    Packed in a dispenser box, the instruction for use is printed directly on the

    Packing & Packaging
    Each mask is packed hygienically in a single plastic bag.
    Packaging units 20 pcs. each box