Select from a wide range of goggles for grinding and welding to protect your eyes. For additional assistance reach out to the customer service team here.

Uvex Ultrasonic Goggles Blk/Grey Clear
320.00 320.00 320.0 ZAR
Combination components with the uvex ultrasonic combines high mechanical rigidity with maximum wearer comfort – These goggles never press or pinch even when worn continuously.
Uvex Carbonvision Clear Goggle
339.91 339.91 339.91 ZAR
lightweight at 46 grams, with high mechanical stability
with uvex supravision extreme coating: extremely scratch-resistant exterior, permanently anti-fog interior
frame in black, grey
PC lens, clear
Ultravision Red Gas Tight Fire Goggles
451.78 451.78 451.78000000000003 ZAR
Most of the safety goggles have indirect ventilation. These safety goggles are gas-tight and meet the recommendations of the German Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) for protective clothing against infection
MSA Spirit 2 Anti-fog, Anti-scratch Clear Spoggle
170.00 170.00 170.0 ZAR
Spirit 2 Eyewear offers dual use spectacle or goggle application. Easy conversion from spectacle to goggle.
Direct Vent Grinding Goggle (Mono)
21.00 21.00 21.0 ZAR
Soft, flexible PVC frame provides comfort , fit and seal. Direct ventilation in goggle frame
Uvex Ultrasonic Goggles Orange/Grey Clear
320.00 320.00 320.0 ZAR
Dromex Indirect dual vent goggle
40.25 40.25 40.25 ZAR
Welding flip front goggles
96.60 96.60 96.60000000000001 ZAR
uvex ultravision wide-vision goggle
388.53 388.53 388.53000000000003 ZAR
uvex ultravision goggle without foam
313.78 313.78 313.78000000000003 ZAR
cleverly designed ventilation system
with anti-fog coating on the inside
transparent grey frame
clear CA lens
Spoggle, GREY, Anti Mist
170.40 170.40 170.4 ZAR
MSA Chemical Goggle
73.19 73.19 73.19 ZAR
Choose these durable, medium-impact goggles with a face-fitting design and adjustable head band provide a secure, comfortable fit.
Dromex flip front welding goggle - shade 5
35.90 35.90 35.9 ZAR
Flip up welding lens goggles from Dromex
uvex u-sonic pink goggles
430.00 430.00 430.0 ZAR

reduced ventilation
the uvex supravision excellence coating provides anti-fog protection on the inside and makes the outside extremely resistant to chemicals and scratches
anthracite, pink frame
clear PC lens